Consultancies Director
Mechanical Engineer with experience and skills on data analysis, definition and calculation of Key Performance Indicators, Computational Simulation using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computacional Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mathematical Models applied with Numerical Methods; design of Thermal Solar Energy devices and Natural Ventilation of buildings, Heat Transfer; pedagogical activities.

  • B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. University of the Andes. 2009.
  • Graduate courses in Applied Math, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion. University of the Andes. 2012.
  • Sport Pilot of light sport airplanes. Colombian Club of Sport Aviation. 2014.
  • Award for Innovation and Development of the Fair of the Colombian Industry of Air & Space FIAC 2017, with A620 Aircraft Builders.
  • Top ten national scores on the Colombian State Test for Mechanical Engineering, ECAES, 2008.
  • Honor roll of the Engineering Division, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. 2005 & 2006.
  • Scolarship «Bachilleres por Colombia» from ECOPETROL, 2004.
  • Top national score on the Colombian State Test for Entrance to Superior Education, ICFES, 2003.
  • 1st Congress on Sustainable Energy in Colombia. ECCI, U. Libre, U. Santo Tomás. Bogotá, Colombia. Nov 6-8 of 2012. Author of “Advances on the optimization of solar dryers for agricultural products”.
  • International Seminar on Drying of Agricultural Products. National University of Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia. Oct 24 al 26 de 2012. Author of "Design and construction of tunnel solar dryer for sagú starch".
  • VII Colombian Congress on Numerical Modeling. Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. Aug 12 - 14 of 2009. Author of "Model and simulation of heat transfer under soil with plastic mulch".
  • The Finite Element Method with Applications in Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Solid & Structural Mechanics, taught by J.N. Reddy, Ph.D. University of the Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. Aug 2009. 

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