Engineering Projects

Some of our engineering projects
* CFD simulation of airflow inside ducts and the thermal behavior by natural convection of inner air of Coliseo Live at Bogotá (2021) .

* Simulation of the ventilation for the factory of the Colombian Entreprise of Bioplastics ECOBIOPLAST (2020) .
 * Design, simulation, construction and testing of rocket stove for use in the countryside of Baranoa, Colombia (2020) .

* Finite element simulation of ductile cast iron parts for Vanderman SAS (2020).
* Structural strength calculation of a metallic basket for transportation of panels, for Vanderman SAS, Colombia (2020).

  * Part of the auditing team of CFD and scaled physical model for the wastewater pumping station Canoas, as a subcontractor for Ayesa (2019 - 2020).
* Determination of necessary equations to simulate the radius of gyration of a motorcycle for a computerized simulator with numerical values for validation, for KIRVIT, Colombia  (2019).

* Design of metallic structure for a home-elevator for Mendez Family, Bogotá, Colombia (2019).

* Redesign, simulation, construction and tests of functional hand prosthetics for cyclists for Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Colombia (2019).

* Synthesis of mechanism for a prosthetic cyclist hand for Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Colombia  (2018).

* CFD simulation of the winds in conditions of storm to prevent inlet of water in a grain storage warehouse in Pereira, Colombia  (2018).

* Structural integrity analysis of a prosthetic cyclist hand for Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Colombia (2017).

* Assistance in project to improve process and product of biomass fuel made from coffee production residues of the Educative Institution Naranjal (Quimbaya, Colombia) for the Terpel Foundation (2017).

* Geometric design of parts and calculation of the system to hang a 1:2 replica of a Curtiss Falcon of the Colombian Museum of Air and Space built by Aera Colombia (2017).

* Computational design and simulation of profiles of polymer-wood composite (WPC) for the company Elalco, Ecuador (2016).

* Experimental tests of electric ultralight airplane designed in 2014 and built by A-620 Aircraft Builders, Colombia (2016).

* Development and implementation of a numerical model in Excel to analyse the heat power and efficiency of wood stoves for NGO Patrimonio Natural, experimental tests of the stoves, Colombia  (2016).

* Design of natural ventilation for grain storage warehouse in Pereira, Colombia (2015).

* Structural strength validation of the design of structure made by Megaestructuras, Colombia (2015).

* Aerodynamic and conceptual design for electric ultralight airplane for A-620 Aircraft Builders, Colombia (2014).

* Geometric and structural design of supports for metal rolls for Impala Terminals Colombia (2013).

* Field supervision of the implementation of solar energy system in Pasca, Cundinamarca, Colombia, inside the project OPEN for Renewable Energies (2012).

*  Design and construction of starch solar dryer in Pasca, Cundinamarca, Colombia, inside the project OPEN for Renewable Energies(2012).

* Design of natural ventilation for the Colombian American School in Bogotá, Colombia (2011).

* Design of support plate for electronic sensors for AREC, Colombia (2011).

* Design of natural ventilation for the offices and workshop for TRIAL, Colombia (2010).

* Ventilation and thermal loads analysis for RGB building of University of the Andes, Colombia (2009).

* Structural analysis of antenna towers and light post for Polyuprotec, Colombia (2009).


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