Deaths in England in 2022 by vacc. status

 We analyzed the deaths reported officially [1] in England by age group and COVID-19 vaccination status occurring since 1st Jan to 31st May of 2022.

All-cause deaths in all age groups:

All-cause deaths detailing groups younger than 60 years old:

Deaths related to COVID-19 in all age groups:

 The boosted population is dying at greater numbers than all other vax status for each age-group, even more than the unvaccinated population, this is observed for all-causes and for COVID-19, indicating that the third dose correlates with increased mortality.

One could argue that there is more population boosted, so let's see with Data from Our World in Data:

There are visible more deaths in boosted people than the corresponding fraction that has been triple vaccinated.

[1] Data source: Office for National Statistics.

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